Saturday, January 4, 2014


What struck me? The moss is glowing green all over. This is driveway moss, Maple Leaf variety.

Mostly i'm annoyed because i didn't have a chance to get a photo over at Magnuson Park. it was so pretty in the sun.

And oh yeah, the race. it's the next in the series and the XC race. The goal of the series is to go out hard and not be afraid to take a risk. I took a risk today and it didn't pay off.  First lap 7:40 pace. Second lap 8:13 pace. 15:38 overall. Ouch. I say that literally.  Oof, that hurt.  It was all i could do to get to that 8:13 pace too.

I've increased miles last week and this week. I was hoping the legs wouldn't notice but they did. I was really tired Thursday after six days of running including some quality miles. I have been a slacker with strength training the past month. Some of that was taper before and after Deception Pass but i could tell as my shoulders and upper body were tired the second lap. I wore my trail shoes again which I realize are just not the right shoe for these races. They feel way too heavy for speed work. I got a good workout in but it was not the race I wanted.

Still, the main goal was met. I went out hard, tried something new and still stuck with it even though things weren't going so well.  That's still a win.  

K had a fantastic race however.  And there was a Bald Eagle sitting in a tree on course the whole time I warmed up and when we raced.  The bird seemed perplexed by the hoard of runners streaming over the field and hill.

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