Saturday, October 24, 2015

What's Up?

Granite pavers installed and ground regraded.
There has been a whole lot of yardwork. Finally after 15 years in our house, we are getting a handle on our feral backyard. I'd gotten a screaming deal on off cuts of granite pavers from work. A deal? Why yes, these were the off cuts of a floor that went into a high rise downtown. They sat in a bin on the loading dock for months until i asked building management, uh, what's happening with these and can I have them? They say, sure, why not? K and I brought our little truck and did a couple trips and it was totally worth it.

These pavers are beautiful and much nicer materials than i ever envisioned for our feral back yard. After much digging and re-grading, it is coming together. I'm ready to plant some northwest natives before the fall rains
New planting area ready to go.
come (please let hte fall rains come after our incredibly dry spring and summer) and we'll see how it looks for next year.

Training? of course! I ended up being a scratch in a goal half marathon. I felt ready but alas, it was just too warm on race day and started pouring about half way through the half marathon. I bailed and felt good about my decision.

And I've been guest blogging as well as occasionally teaching a core class for a friend. It's been fun. Life is definitely good.