Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year End

I'm not quite ready to figure year end totals. However I ended the running year as I wanted - with friends on trails. Wonderful!  Happy New Year!

Monday, December 30, 2013


Snow plans were foiled this new year's so I am home from work becasue we are not planning on going to the mountains.  I'm still doing some work online but as an added bonus got to do a daylight run. I tried the spikes I'd gotten very cheaply last year. I ran at 5k pace around the track but on the grassy edge. The spiked shoes are about as thick as cardboard and you can feel it when on the hard dirt track. It was fun and they worked very well on the grass.  The next short XC race is coming up and I will try these.  The best part was changing back to my regular trainers for the cool down.  They then felt like floofy padded slippers. 
And with the free time, we took the cats into the vet. No, this is not a favorite adventure of theirs!  This is their reaction having spotted a huge Great Dane also in the waiting room.  Don't worry, they got salmon puffs once home and lots of lap time. All is forgiven. We won't mention the dental work Kez the black cat will need shortly. 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

the Long Run blah

York finds the tree interesting NOW?
It was one of those runs. I'd been looking forward to a long run on roads all week.  And? I felt awful  Blah and tired and my legs were tight.  Anything hurting? No. Too tired? No.  Just suck it up and get it done.  It helped I had company for 9 miles (K was having a great run!) and then decided enough of this grumblyness.  The last 3 miles I picked up the pace and felt better for it.  Who knows?  It was dry, daylight with no wind and lots of other runners out there.  I was very happy to get 12 miles done. 

Friday, December 27, 2013

The end of an era

12 years? That's how long we think we've had this front loading washer. I was not a runner at all when we got this thing and it's seen a boatload of running related laundry. Sorry about all those muddy socks from trail running.  And yes, i learned my lesson about checking my pockets for used gel packets.  They WILL clog the pump. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Contemplating the future.

Did you know you can sign up for a tour of the Big Bertha Tunnel Boring Machine currently stuck 50 feet below the surface of the Seattle Waterfront? You can. You get to perch on an walled off corner of the Viaduct and ask any questions of your tour guide while wearing snazzy reflective safety gear (no hard hat though!). The waterfront is a place I will run at lunch time when I have to because of icy conditions at home. I envision the future of a quiet waterfront with the tunnel in operation and meantwhile this South Portal is kind of a mess.  It's gonna be good. 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from Maple Leaf

A lovely jaunt to the track via the Maple Leaf Park on Christmas morning. The grass was frost covered and the fog was just coming up from below. (Day 130)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


A day off from work mid-week? Yes, I'll run 10 miles in daylight! K and I went and redid the most recent stair course. Pleasantly challenging with lots of great views and surprising turns to hidden stairs. The last run, KJS came up with the idea of a run needing a "feels like" app.  You know with weather, it can be 40 degrees but feels like 30 because of wind?  These stair runs feel like an in-city trail run.  I ran 10.2 and feels like 12.  It took that long too!  

Yay for a lovely Christmas Eve! Cheers!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Sunday, December 22, 2013


It's a catch up day with the holiday crazies. Holiday crazies are fun but stressful. The tree is up, lights are up, Christmas Eve dinner is planned and I look forward to a couple days off. One more seriously busy day at work and then two days off. I can't wait.

Some of the excitement is looking forward to getting back to a more mileage running program. My miles have been fairly limited this past quarter and I'm looking to maintain the magic 40 miles per hour again coming up.  That means i need to bump up my listening entertainment for those long easy mid-week runs.

I tend not to listen to music too much as it just doesn't keep my interest for the easy runs. I rely on audio books checked out from the library and podcasts.  I don't know why i didn't think of it but I went searching for running related podcasts and found a very interesting one right off the bat.

Runner Academy had an interesting discussion on injuries, body mechanics and some other topics. After the very successful race yesterday, I'm just a touch sore in the typical areas for me with speed work: quads and oblique abs. It made the barre class i took today a bit challenging but that is fine. A big takeway from the podcast (out of many!)?  "The only reason the body changes and adapts is that we stress the body." Enjoy those holiday crazies and race hard and take the rest when you need it. It reminds me that I am probably not working hard enough for certain workouts. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Goal: Run Hard

And I did that! It's the next 2 mile race in the series and this time on roads. The weather was great at 40 degrees, very slight breeze and just a bit of puddles/muckiness on course. My goal was really just to run hard and stay focused. It's been quite a week since Deception Pass 25k. I've barely run which was as planned. And it's the holidays so I've been partaking of treats and goodies at work all in the name of recovery and holidays. I don't believe in depriving myself of anything but I did feel very slug-like and marshmellowy.  
And I felt awful warming up. All runs this week have been about 10 minute pace and very sluggish feeling. This morning was no different. I'm still stiff especially in my hips but fortunately all the little tweaks from teh race settled down. The lungs were tight and I made liberal use of my inhaler.  I planned on going out hard at 7 flat pace and seeing what happened. I expected to come in over 14 minutes and really slow the second mile.  

And we went out fast, of course, and as I'm settling down and into pace, 6:50ish feels right.  I'm working and breathing hard but it feels doable. I listen to those around me and they sound the same.  The second loop is where I work to hold focus and pace.  It's always tough as people slow but here I started passing people.  I could see the women who are in my same age group ahead of me.  I know one of them is coming into this series in great shape so i won't pass her but maybe I can catch some of the others.  
Last turn and I've caught a fellow age grouper but I have no kick whatsoever. Of course not, i've not trained for that kick and I haven't done any faster races.  However I hit the finish at 13:49 and was way faster than I expected and even better, even splits!  6:51, 6:53. This is the fastest I've run this second race ever and bodes well for the rest of the series.  Sadly i got passed back by one of the women but at least I was closer than last race.  The competition helps but the main competition is with myself and I can't wait to see what happens. 
A running friend came in just behind me beating out a rival (who used to be my rival!). K finished with a new PR and RPD came in just behind as he gets going with the series and recovers from holiday excesses of his own! 

What does this mean? One more week of holiday fun because obviously the sweets and treats did me good and I look forward to the next race. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Yarrow Snow

Yarrow the plant, Achillea millefolium with snow puffs.  I planned to run as I don't believe the snow forecasts until I see the whites of their eyes.  The alarm clock went off at 5:00 and I went straight to the window.  Yay!  An inch of snow and it was blowing out there. 

It's dark and we have no sidewalks in our neighborhood and I'm never sure if it's going to be ice underneath the snow.  I went right back to bed.  It was no problem getting to work and I'm sure it was melted jsut a couple hours of daylight.  Bring more! 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

'Tis the Season

An annual holiday tradition now. The Christmas Lights run with decorated runners as we run through a well decorated neighborhood looking at lights. Decorated runners were just as entertaining to the sightseers as the decorated houses! What a nice run on so many levels.  All set for Christmas.  Oh wait, we never got around to getting a tree. There's still time right? 

4 days

I ran 2 miles Tuesday but otherwise have not run nor crosstrained since the race on Saturday. The last time i had more than 3 days off? That was probably after the DNF at Duke City Marathon in October of 2012. I knew I wanted a break after this race and now I'm itching to run. Meanwhile, there is always knitting.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Whiskey Cure

Volunteer whiskey bottling session at Woodinville Whiskey. They set up a bottling line and have everyone go at it. Standing for two hours on a cement floor is not exactly great recovery but the calf was feeling much better today as I had hoped.  Yes, there were lots of samples and it was really fun. Dinner (pizza) is provided.  

Monday, December 16, 2013

Gimpy McGimpersons

No really, it's not that bad. I'm feeling much better today. After a long trail run, i can often be sore in my upper shoulders, upper back, biceps and of course the legs and all the hip stabilizing muscles.  And it's not a bad sore. I'm just aware of it and am happy to keep it easy.

Today I feel much better overall except my calves!  Where they cramped up during the race, they ended up tightening up so much overnight while I was sleeping that i could barely stand up this morning. 

So much for the idea of running a few miles. A little bit of gimping around and they loosened up enough so i could at least walk/shuffle my way to the bus stop. They'd loosen up enough so i could walk normally but as soon as i was sitting for any time, i'd have to hobble about again.  Grade 1 Calf Strain probably.  I'll be taking it easy this week anyway but hope to run a bit tomorrow. Only the calf knows. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Deception Pass 25k

I ran this race in 2011 in it's first year.
Then I was so blown away by the trails and scenery that I stopped and took a fair number of photos during the race and just marveled over the variety of trails and the stunning scenery. I wouldn't say I dawdled during the race but I was more concerned with staying upright on the technical trails and staying strong all the way through to the finish.  In 2011 I finished the race in 3:28 and I knew I'd have to come back.

In July, registration opened for this race and I signed up immediately. For further fun, a few other friends signed up for the 25k and a couple friends signed up for the 50k which is the next day. I think 8 of us total were signed up and I was looking forward to a very fun weekend. Life got in the way however, and on race day just two of us lined up to start. It still ended up being a fun weekend but I would've been even happier had all race plans happened but such is running. 

K and I drove up to Oak Harbor the evening before the race after work. It is doable driving up the morning for this race but much more pleasant and relaxing to sleep overnight closer to the race start. Oak Harbor is ten minutes away from Deception Pass State Park. I knew I wouldn't sleep well at home either so I might as well be in a hotel!

This became more of an issue though as I had some sort of reaction and developed some lung irritation which left me coughing and makes my lungs feel itchy. This happened before a race before when staying at a hotel. Something must trigger the reaction and I knew I'd have to stay on top of inhalers. I typically do not like taking allergy medication as it dries me out and makes getting in enough liquids challenging (and I struggle with this anyway). I might experiment with OTC allergy medicines and see if one would be better if I had to take something and run.  Breathing is better than not! 

I slept poorly but that was not unexpected. We were up promptly and I was happy to get going. Race weather promised to be perfect. Although there was a chance of showers, it never rained. The temps were mid to high 40s with only a bit of a breeze in certain sections.  Certain trails on this course can be very exposed so I was most concerned with the wind but there was only a few times where I felt chilled because of that.  What a relief considering the cold temps and serious winds we'd had just a week earlier.
There is that bridge.

I met up with running friend and her family. Everyone was excited and enjoyed the happy anticipatory atmosphere. We listened to the usual warnings of not falling off cliff trails and bridges and were off only a bit late. As my coach and friend, we run together once or twice a week but even with some chronic injury issues which limit her running, she will always be faster and stronger runner than I am. I vowed at the start to run my own race especially early on the uphills and did not expect to stay together. It was fun to be lined up at the start ready to go and ready for the challenge. 

Deception Pass Bridge from below.
The race start takes off uphill on a road which is always a bit torturous.  With 200+ runners, this is the only way to get people strung out a bit before we hit single track.  It was still quite a traffic jam when we first turned onto a trail at almost mile 1. This was fine with me. My lungs were itchy, i was still coughing and I knew it would take a few miles to feel warmed up.  By mile 2, i was already lagging behind friend a bit on the uphills and at 3 after a climb up to Deception Pass Bridge, running friend was waiting for me.  I made sure to tell her that I didn't expect us to stay together. She, however, wanted to run across the bridge together and then would keep to her own pace. Perfect.

Deception Pass Bridge is spectacular, of course.  It's a narrow span over a steep pass with swirling water below. I've run across this bridge twice before in the dark during Ragnar Northwest Passage Relay and it's always a thrill. It's a little more scary in the light when you can see just how far up you are and how narrow the pedestrian walkway is!

We crossed the bridge, hopped over the highway railing and were back onto technical trails for the next series of "lollipops" which is how this course is conceived.  There are 6 out and back sections in all. The course is well marked but it helps to remember which lollipop you are on so you can follow signage to the next lollipop.  However as each section of the race is a lollipop with a portion that is out and back, you are always crossing paths with runners coming towards you. Faster runners (those ahead of you on the course) have the right of way but it is just prudence to slow down and be mindful of allowing enough room for passing especially on rocky, slippery sections. 

There was another guy running who I knew through a mutual friend. This would be his longest run ever but he had done a trail running series over the summer so was experienced on trails.  Newbie Runner and I chatted the first few miles until he was ready to move ahead of my cautious pace. I figured I'd not see him again but once we hit the only aid station at mile 5.5 and then again at 7.5, I'd move ahead of him again and he'd catch back up to me.  I was following my nutrition plan which was basically 1 gel every 30 minutes with a supplemental rice muffin. I carried all my food and water and had no need to stop. I did stop at the aid station at 7.5 for a couple ounces of coca cola as a treat (I'm not a soda drinker normally). I ended up having 5 gels, 3 rice muffins (about 50 calories each), 1 electrolyte capsule and a couple ounces of coke and 35 ounces of water during the course of the race.

We started on lollipop number 5 and I was looking forward to this 4 mile loop. I remembered it as being fairly peaceful without a lot of other runners and good trails. Newbie runner was behind me with a chatty canadian runner. Chatty Canada runner had run this race the year before in 4 hours and was hoping to PR as well.  I offered to let her go ahead of me (she was really chatty) but she liked my pace.  So much for peaceful but at the same time it was companionable chatting a bit with newbie runner and chatty canada.  newbie runner once ahead moved passed me and I wished him well and secretly wondered if he'd be able to hold pace as he got tired at the end of the race.

We were gradually climbing to the high point of the course. I started to feel the lungs in here again and got out the rescue inhaler to help. I ate and drank and just kept a steady pace and wondered if I'd really had enough training to hold this race until the end. I comfortably have been running about 30 miles a week and had wanted to run more per week. It just didn't happen. I had the trail miles but no run longer than 13 miles.  The thing that scares me about these longer trail races is pushing too hard in the beginning and taking a severe tumble later in the race when your legs (and mind) are tired. This is where the doubts I have about long distance running (marathon distance on roads) come into play as I don't have a good sense of effort for pace. I do know trails though. Oh well. Best laid plans and all and such is running. It never pays to feed those doubts and I just focused on staying to plan and moving forward. 

At mile 9, we hit the high point and turned onto a new rocked logging access road. Uck! I hate it when a trail goes over these sorts of roads. The rocks they put down to stabilize the mucky road are large and sharp and almost impossible to run over especially when covered with slick leaves, slick mud and one section of ice left over from the cold we'd had last week.  Then we hit the short section which had been logged.  It's a working forest but it still makes me sad to see the wreck left over when logging happens to a beautiful, peaceful forest.  This was a shock to Chatty Canada too as this logging was recent.

Once past this, we were back onto lovely running trails with a gradual downhill. YES! This is my strength and I picked up the pace eventually catching and passing Newbie Runner. Chatty Canada felt inspired by my pace still and kept up with me.  It was fun running in here and lungs, legs and mind were happy. Shoelace!  Dangit. I had to stop and tie shoes again at the end of the loop and got passed by a lot of people including Chatty Canada.

We crossed the Deception Pass Bridge a second time and I pushed the pace on this flat bit until i was right behind a gal who let me go ahead as soon as we hit the stairs down to the trail.  Oh this was Chatty Canada! I hadn't really seen what she looked like as she had always been running behind me but she recognized my bright orange shirt.  I thought maybe she'd stay with me on this next easier trail but she never did. I did look up her results at the finish and was happy to see she'd come out with a 30 minute + PR.  Good for her! 

We were approaching the last tough climb of the race. We'd climb to almost the same height as the previous climb but instead of taking 1.5 miles, we'd go straight up in under a mile. I'd remembered this climb as being a total calf burner and passing a lot of people with my fast(ish) hike.  It went on and on and my calves burned and I kept on climbing and made it to the top with just under 3 miles to go. 

At mile 12.7, the race was beginning. It's slick on top of Goose Rock so I was very careful picking my way over strange sloping rocks. The downhill was steep and brutal and I passed a gal who was obviously dealing with severe calf cramps.  I offered electrolytes and she took me up on the offer. I gave her 2 and took one myself.  Oh yeah. I'd realized my fingers were swelling a bit the last couple miles and thought I probably needed more electrolytes.

I was running by myself here and gradually picking people off. There was a large log down across teh trail at just the height where it was tough to go under and tough to go over. I chose to clamber over it and as I prepared to jump the foot or so to get off the log, my calf cramped on the right. Uh oh. i just flexed the foot and started running meaning to take in more water and food. And then i realized i was out of water.  I'd carried 35 ounces in my pack and couldn't believe i'd drank it all.

We hit an easier slightly downhill trail and my left calf cramped hard enough so that I could see my foot pull in of it's own volition. I was really shocked by this and as I watched my foot roll in I took a little half step realizing I'd land on my ankle and go down. I stopped to stand and flex the foot and calf a bit and got going again gingerly. It didn't particularly hurt but i was not in control of my leg anymore and knew the last mile was on technical trails where I'd need good control.  I'd hit the top of the last hill in 2:45 at mile 12.75 (the first time I'd looked at my watch at all for pace) and thought maybe I could come in between 3 and 3:15 as I was pretty sure i had 3 miles to go still. That number went down the cliff as I just carefully walked a bit to make sure I could run without falling.

Finally we hit the trail which goes under the main highway and I knew that while my watch read 14 miles, i was less than 2 miles from the finish. Again it was technical and rooty with lots of little ups and downs. I ran when i could and hiked fast when needed up hills and through rocky sections. I passed a few more people in here including one guy who was limping very, very badly.  I hit the beach, yelled cheers at K waiting for me and managed a sub 9 pace to the finish.  I thought overall that 3:15 was a reasonable goal and i worked to finish at 3:14:54.

Running friend finished about 10 minutes ahead of me. Newbie Runner finished 4 minutes behind. I'd be 4th in AG if they did the smaller age groupings and that is just about typical for me and a good indicator that I ran well and smartly. My lungs felt irritated and worked the whole day and I was thankful they hadn't been any more of a bother!

This event really has trails of every variety. There steep climbs, difficult descents, sand, algae beach running (really), rocks and roots and lush forests as well as just fine running. The vistas demand quick peeks when you aren't keeping your attention strictly on the trail in an effort to stay upright.  I'd do this one again at any time.

K and went for a short hike in another state park to the south of Deception Pass.  A hike? After that? It was really just short walk along some flat trails but we were impressed by the dense forest and well signed trail system in Ft Ebey. We'll have to go back.

And then K had never been across Deception Pass in daylight so we drove back that way and stopped to get out to look around.  I found stairs!  The bridge and environs are impressive and I've never had the leisure to stop. (Day 120)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Deception Pass 25k interlude

In 2011, i finished this course in 3:28 with lots of stops to take photos, tie shoes, pee and marvel at the scenery.

In 2013, I finished this course in 3:15 with one stop to take a photo, one stop to tie shoes and use rescue inhaler (lungs do not like cheap hotels evidently) and dealt with some amazing calf cramping the last couple of miles. And yes, i still marveled at the scenery and the incredible variety of trails. It feels like a huge accomplishment to finish an event such as this and both a pleasure and a privilege. I'm delighted to cap my running year with the Deception Pass 25k and a big fat PR. 

Mile 6.5 After Rosario Head along Sharpe Cove. Bald Eagle on the wing. Dark photo as it was just a dark day. The weather was perfect with no rain but we are close to the solstice. At times it was so dark on the trails that a flashlight would've been a possibility!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Pancake Emergency

I was so busy at work and home yesterday, I forgot to have my usual cereal and milk before bed. 3 easy miles to loosen up the legs and I was starving. Pancakes to the rescue. 

Holiday Baking

Not quite yet. Race prep. Rice banana muffins.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ready for rain?

Yes really. The sun and dry and cold has been nice but where is the rain?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How did that get there?

With the cold temperatures, I've rediscovered my heavier mittens and lined gloves. Some furry someone still likes to rearrange my usual running gloves. I know i did not leave one in a cat bed!  It's hard enough to keep track of them. I do not require cat assistance. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Cupcake Monday

It really does make Monday better.  'Tis the holidays.  I bring 90% of my snacks at work because there is a ton of crappy snacky foods at work.  But sometimes a cupcake hits the spot! Homemade and delicious.  That's my rule.  is it really worth it? Homemade and delicious means yes! 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Stairs again?

Bye Kracke Park Viewpoint
Oh don't worry. A little freezing temps will not discourage me from figuring out the next stair exploration run.  This time I had some help and we had a blast traipsing Queen Anne Hill in search of stairs. along the way we found some nifty pocket parks (ie very small parks wedged into hills) and some great views. Queen Anne as one of the oldest settled neighborhoods in Seattle retains countless stairs which were used to connect various neighborhoods on the hills. I just wanted a nice mix of views and sneaky ways of going off the usual beaten path on Queen Anne.  It also showed up some areas where I'd not go again and that is just fine. Exploration is for exploring after all and it was a great way to get in some easy miles with friends.   
Constock Stair

Saturday, December 7, 2013


Frozen pond at Magnuson Park
COLD! That was the theme of the first race, a XC race, at the Club Northwest Winter Grand Prix. And there were a lot of people! Including K and RPD. No. I did not wear spikes. The water logged grass on top of Kite Hill had frozen into strange clumpy chunkiness and it was not that slippery.  My trail shoes served well enough.  

We were off 10 minutes late which was rather challenging as it was in the mid-20s. Did I mention it was cold? I wore a shell jacket during the race which is a first time ever. Yes, cold. I haphazardly jogged about trying to stay loose and warm with the delayed start. I'd run last year's last XC in excellent conditions in 7:45 pace. I wanted to run hard today but with the idea that my goal event is next week so keep it in control.  I hoped to run 7:50 pace this time but I think conditions and reminding myself how to run these short races meant I was pretty happy with 8 flat pace.  

It was very crowded through the first hill but i was pretty happy and felt like i was running well. I passed some men on the way down the hill. Yay trail runner! Through the longer loopy section by the water and through the first mile and suddenly i wasn't running with anyone.  That was rather odd.  I could see some people ahead of me and worked hard at catching them.  The path through the Fins was extra marshmellowy (K's term for how squishy it was) and tough. I felt super slow but then hit the hill and passed a girl in here.  Back down the hill and keep going!  I was slower the second lap but still managed the 8 flat pace for the 2 mile race. In previous years this has been a 3k (1.9 mile) course but this time it was 2 miles.  
I finished up and caught K and RPD finishing.  Another friend finished as well with dry heaving.  I'm sorry i missed it.  Haha! It's a great start to the series and fun to be doing it with K and RPD. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Another shoe photo?

Enough already.  Will she or won't she?  Spikes (which i've never worn before) or just my trail shoes? We'll see what conditions are like tomorrow and I'll give them a short test.  Maybe they will help and maybe they won't.  These are considered track spike shoes so they may not be the best on the grass XC race. I've always wanted spikes when it's a muddy day but that won't be tomorrow... icy, crunchy grass. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Eye Candy

I'll admit. it is a struggle to get out the door at this time of year for runs. It's cold and dark and we still have a lot of cold and dark ahead of us. I switch it up to keep myself entertained.  A run commute with lots and lots of holiday lights cheers me right up. Holiday lights on various cranes in the South Lake Union area practically stopped me in my tracks.  well done! (Day 110)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


That's what the temperature was when i headed out the door for a run. Of course I went to the track because who doesn't like running fast when the legs are frozen hunks of iron?  I don't have too many warmer tights and the legs were still cold hours later.  Mmm spicy pho for lunch warmed me all the way through. The cold is supposed to stay around for the next few days.  Time to dig out the better gloves, warmer hat and those warmer tights will just need to be worn again! 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Always a sign...

Weighing a shoe is a sign of:
a. Scoring a new pair of shoes at the Seattle marathon Expo
b. Upcoming race
c. Runner madness
d. all of the above.

Yes, how did you know?  The answer is "D" and these shoes were something I was curious about for a while. I have the trail version of this shoe and like it very much.  It's the only trail shoe which feels fine when i run on roads (which can happen for short bits).  It fits my foot very well and I wanted to try the road version.  I got a chance to try a pair out at the Marathon Expo and brought them home for expo prices (also a new version is coming out in January).  Why yes, I do also have a short race coming up this weekend.  And as a sign of further madness, I am transition to shorter racing while finishing up endurance work in preparation for the upcoming Deception Pass 25k. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Cold Weather Prep

Brr!  The Olympics were looking mighty impressive and chilly this am.  It's time for orange ogre hats. Perfect knitting weather and this hat also works well when it is freezing and I'm doing an easy run.  The easy care wool has a headband of polar fleece knit into it.  The wool breathes and also isn't noticeable when it gets wet. I forget that I"m wearing it and am reminded when i see the amused faces on those running towards me. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Thanksgiving Tradition

At least around here, the Seattle marathon and half are! I don't have a lot of desire to run this race now typically having "run" the marathon in 2010 to a personal worst and run variously well at the half over the years.  I do like getting out on course and that was the case this year.  K was out for a solid long run this year and it was great fun hopping onto the course again at mile 9.

After dire predictions of rain and wind transitioning to snow later, race morning was not bad.  it was very windy through downtown according to K but more protected or with a tailwind for most of the rest of the course.  It was a warm in the low 50s and quite humid but NO rain!

I ran a couple miles with K making him stay a little faster on the last subtle and grinding uphill along Boyleston Ave E and Lakeview Blvd E. he was doing well overall.  I left K and hightailed it straight up and over Capitol Hill cutting through Volunteer Park in an effort to get back to the Interlaken section and meet another friend doing his first half marathon.  Two other friends were with him so there was no need to run with him but I did want to pop over and support his efforts.  I knew there were some connector trails and stairs which could connect to the interlaken trail but couldn't find it after charging up the hill. I asked a woman out walking her dog if she knew where it was and she pointed it out but said that it had been closed recently and she was not sure why.

Darn!  I took off back down the road to another section where I could see on the map there would be another cut down trail and got to the mile 10 mark with a couple minutes to spare.  Yay! I love it when your own two feet are enough to get you where you need!  MO finished his first half with a smile on his face and many more challenges ahead of him for this year.  Today was a great start on his journey and very inspiring.

It's been a great holiday with much to be thankful for. 

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Weather a'comin!

And just in time for the Seattle Half Marathon.  No, I'm not running it but someone near and dear is.  Last year it was fun to sit on course and wait for runner(s).  I'll be doing the same this year. I'm not sure if i need the specialty rain gear or not! 

Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday

8 mile trail run with friends.
Cook a turkey and all the fixin's and having family over for the traditional meal a day later.
What mall?

Cocktail: cranberry juice, triple sec and prosecco