Monday, December 30, 2013


Snow plans were foiled this new year's so I am home from work becasue we are not planning on going to the mountains.  I'm still doing some work online but as an added bonus got to do a daylight run. I tried the spikes I'd gotten very cheaply last year. I ran at 5k pace around the track but on the grassy edge. The spiked shoes are about as thick as cardboard and you can feel it when on the hard dirt track. It was fun and they worked very well on the grass.  The next short XC race is coming up and I will try these.  The best part was changing back to my regular trainers for the cool down.  They then felt like floofy padded slippers. 
And with the free time, we took the cats into the vet. No, this is not a favorite adventure of theirs!  This is their reaction having spotted a huge Great Dane also in the waiting room.  Don't worry, they got salmon puffs once home and lots of lap time. All is forgiven. We won't mention the dental work Kez the black cat will need shortly. 

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