Saturday, December 7, 2013


Frozen pond at Magnuson Park
COLD! That was the theme of the first race, a XC race, at the Club Northwest Winter Grand Prix. And there were a lot of people! Including K and RPD. No. I did not wear spikes. The water logged grass on top of Kite Hill had frozen into strange clumpy chunkiness and it was not that slippery.  My trail shoes served well enough.  

We were off 10 minutes late which was rather challenging as it was in the mid-20s. Did I mention it was cold? I wore a shell jacket during the race which is a first time ever. Yes, cold. I haphazardly jogged about trying to stay loose and warm with the delayed start. I'd run last year's last XC in excellent conditions in 7:45 pace. I wanted to run hard today but with the idea that my goal event is next week so keep it in control.  I hoped to run 7:50 pace this time but I think conditions and reminding myself how to run these short races meant I was pretty happy with 8 flat pace.  

It was very crowded through the first hill but i was pretty happy and felt like i was running well. I passed some men on the way down the hill. Yay trail runner! Through the longer loopy section by the water and through the first mile and suddenly i wasn't running with anyone.  That was rather odd.  I could see some people ahead of me and worked hard at catching them.  The path through the Fins was extra marshmellowy (K's term for how squishy it was) and tough. I felt super slow but then hit the hill and passed a girl in here.  Back down the hill and keep going!  I was slower the second lap but still managed the 8 flat pace for the 2 mile race. In previous years this has been a 3k (1.9 mile) course but this time it was 2 miles.  
I finished up and caught K and RPD finishing.  Another friend finished as well with dry heaving.  I'm sorry i missed it.  Haha! It's a great start to the series and fun to be doing it with K and RPD. 

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