Saturday, December 14, 2013

Deception Pass 25k interlude

In 2011, i finished this course in 3:28 with lots of stops to take photos, tie shoes, pee and marvel at the scenery.

In 2013, I finished this course in 3:15 with one stop to take a photo, one stop to tie shoes and use rescue inhaler (lungs do not like cheap hotels evidently) and dealt with some amazing calf cramping the last couple of miles. And yes, i still marveled at the scenery and the incredible variety of trails. It feels like a huge accomplishment to finish an event such as this and both a pleasure and a privilege. I'm delighted to cap my running year with the Deception Pass 25k and a big fat PR. 

Mile 6.5 After Rosario Head along Sharpe Cove. Bald Eagle on the wing. Dark photo as it was just a dark day. The weather was perfect with no rain but we are close to the solstice. At times it was so dark on the trails that a flashlight would've been a possibility!

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