Sunday, December 8, 2013

Stairs again?

Bye Kracke Park Viewpoint
Oh don't worry. A little freezing temps will not discourage me from figuring out the next stair exploration run.  This time I had some help and we had a blast traipsing Queen Anne Hill in search of stairs. along the way we found some nifty pocket parks (ie very small parks wedged into hills) and some great views. Queen Anne as one of the oldest settled neighborhoods in Seattle retains countless stairs which were used to connect various neighborhoods on the hills. I just wanted a nice mix of views and sneaky ways of going off the usual beaten path on Queen Anne.  It also showed up some areas where I'd not go again and that is just fine. Exploration is for exploring after all and it was a great way to get in some easy miles with friends.   
Constock Stair

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