Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Always a sign...

Weighing a shoe is a sign of:
a. Scoring a new pair of shoes at the Seattle marathon Expo
b. Upcoming race
c. Runner madness
d. all of the above.

Yes, how did you know?  The answer is "D" and these shoes were something I was curious about for a while. I have the trail version of this shoe and like it very much.  It's the only trail shoe which feels fine when i run on roads (which can happen for short bits).  It fits my foot very well and I wanted to try the road version.  I got a chance to try a pair out at the Marathon Expo and brought them home for expo prices (also a new version is coming out in January).  Why yes, I do also have a short race coming up this weekend.  And as a sign of further madness, I am transition to shorter racing while finishing up endurance work in preparation for the upcoming Deception Pass 25k. 

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