Monday, September 30, 2013

It was a very good weekend of running even with the pissy weather.  I do very little stretching besides a quick roll on a foam roller for my low back/IT band and maybe a quick glute and easy hamstring stretch. I don't ice anything anymore.  There is no need which believe me is a wonderful thing.  I'd tweaked my back at work and had a lot of running miles.  It is better to be safe than sorry.  So on my rest day today (a complete and total day off), I did get out the yoga mat for some easy poses and a quick roll around on key points in my back and butt.  Ah.  It takes about 10 minutes and feels very good.  Why do I forget to do this regularly?
And I usually end up with helpers...

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Oh my.  the rain.  It just poured yesterday like we seldom see in the Northwest. Bike for an hour?  um.  yeah. not so exciting on a trainer.  A nice easy going trail run?  YES! trails are surprisingly pleasant in the rain.  The trees tend to shelter you from rain in general and as long as the trails are well constructed and maintained, it's not really that muddy.  My legs were tired from yesterdays 12 on roads.  The six easy miles on trails felt fabulous and it was just beautiful out there.  My goal half marathon was originally supposed to be today.  I've bumped my race to a half marathon in a couple weeks.  Good plan! 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Linden Cycle Track

Out for a long run this morning and was happily surrpised to see how well the new Linden Cycle Track works. It's a protected bike lane with new and improved sidewalks for pedestrians.  There is space for car parking in some areas as well as this is a pretty wide street.  This new cycle track replaces a very wide street with no designated bike lanes (I think there was a sharrow designation here previously) and a ridiculous mishmash of sidewalks, walkways and gravel parking strips.  Much, much better.  This is a heavily used corridor for biking.  oh and you see that wet? Wow, i was drenched by the end of my 12 mile run.  Sopping. 42

You know you love 'em!

(oops - day late posting) The goal is two strength workouts a week. If that means a quick weight workout after work on Friday. So be it. Better than trying to cram it in on sunday.  And my goal is to lift heavier too.  More on this later...

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Just light and foggy at the end of my am run.
It's that time of year. I still need speedwork but it is too dark to run around an old dirt track which has ruts and pinecones and no lights!  Speedwork moves to the inside paved path at Green Lake. I still need a flashlight as it is not lit and every once in a while I worry about a dog on a long leash. It always feels a bit harder too for some reason and checking my pace on my watch is harder in the dark. But I do changing views of the lake and the ever changing group of runners, walkers and dog walkers.  40

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The trails are calling

The weather has changed!  Just a couple more weeks of focused road running and then I am ready for trails.  Meanwhile a lovely changing leaf on the walk home from work was a nice reminder of trails to come. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A shoe post

I've been trying out a couple new pairs of shoes lately after realizing my tried and true running shoes just weren't working for me.  These are the Nike Flyknit Lunar+ and I've run a handful of times in them. 

These have a fairly narrow fit and a rather strange tongue which could annoy me but has not so far.  I normally wear a 10 and did not believe online shoe calculators which put me into a 10.5 in this shoe.  It is a smaller shoe and i can wear a 10 but a 10.5 probably would've been better.  I've been wearing less cushioned socks to compensate. 

It's a very light shoe (just under 7 ounces) but of course i fit in my over the counter orthotics which i use to fill the arch space and provide a bit more cushioning. they are heavy.  It's a lower heel profile than my typical shoe but not that low considering some of the shoes on the market lately (ie cardboard). it has the nike cushioning which i like very much but still gives a pretty good ground feel and a smooth ride.  At $160, i will not be getting these ever at full retail price however.  I got these on clearance on a recommendation of a friend who worked at a running shoe store and thought they might work well for me.    And do you think this color is bright enough?  Yikes! 

Monday, September 23, 2013

The complete day off

I don't have them too often but today was one. About the only thing i did was try out a borrowed vacuum and return it and say hello to the resident cat. Busy and fun weekend and one very quiet day of recovery.  It helps that it was pouring this morning which meant that the garden was not at all tempting.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Day After

That was an event yesterday!  Trail run, wedding prep, ceremony, ceremony clean up, reception and all with a great group of people for a very special person.  One more morning on Bainbridge Island and time to explore by myself.  This is the map i was going by.  And no, i was not carrying a copy of it.  I just had a photo of it on my camera that I'd try to refer to.  I got off to one section and realized, i'd not taken a great photo and had cropped some piece off.  
So I got a little lost.  No worries though as I always knew how to get back to a road.  I also knew i could always just retrace my path. Lovely trails through an old, old orchard and a lovely getaway weekend.  

Starting a new life!

September 21 - delayed a day because of poor internet connection, no computer and too busy!  We were off on Bainbridge Island for a dear friend's wedding this weekend.  We were not in the wedding party but we did have various helper responsibilities and stayed a couple nights on the island.  The best part was taking The Bride out for a fun and relaxing trail run in the morning before her wedding. Lovely trails, lovely conversation and pure joy being out and relaxing before all the fun craziness of the wedding events started.  What a great wedding!   

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Another convert?

Heh.  There is something fun about being a poster child for "RUNNING - you can do it! It'll make you younger looking, fit and hey, it can be fun!" I don't advertise this at work yet it somehow comes across.  A coworker who would never have considered running has been considering it.  She's 15 years younger than I am and looking for something she can do easily and just for herself.  I said, you can start with just a couple minutes of running at a time, mix this with walking intervals and start adding on more running...

She's intrigued.  I've encouraged her to aim for a 5k which I'd happily run with her at whatever pace.  They are fun and a nice goal. No, you don't need running shoes or any special gear at first.  No, not really at first.  Maybe a watch just to time a run/walk interval mix and after a month or so, yes, let's go to a local running store and get you some specific running shoes.

Warning: running is not a quick fix.  It takes time to build the cardiovascular system and the body to handle continuous running.  Its perfectly ok to walk too.  It's about you and what you need.  Sometimes you'll push yourself a bit further and harder and sometimes it's best to just keep it at an easy jog. 

She was shocked to hear that during my weekly runs with a friend that we chatted the whole time.  "You can talk?!" Yes. And it's better than the bar scene.  "You ran 8 miles before work?!" Heh.  And would happily do it again. 

Try it!

And then you can have a pleasant and relaxing run just for you whenever.  And when you finish, the full moon and sunrise over the lake calls you.  You breathe deeply and realize that it is doesn't get any better than this.  

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

One Month Later

Green Lake - Looking south from Bath House
Day 32.  6:16 am at Green Lake.  Sunrise is 6:50 am. The flashlight is not necessary yet but very soon.

Day 32 of one photo and post a day.  I plan on continuing my little challenge.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Stop and enjoy the little moments

For my running partner this am a few days before her big wedding day.  However, we didn't stop on a fantastic run.  The temperatures dropped just a bit today which equaled speedy, strong workout. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

152 Pounds

That's how much all the boxes I moved about today weighed.  It was also a scheduled rest day.  Active recovery, right?! 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Spider web clearing Run

Hamlin Park Ramble
It's that time of year for spider webs EVERYWHERE. They are in the garden, across the driveway, sometimes in the house and especially across all the trails.  All those dog walkers who were out later at Hamlin Park, you are welcome.  And it's a sure sign of autumn. 
Spider web clearing. Ack.

And yes, i ran them.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Saturday Long Run

Was a lovely success. I got in a solid 14 miles, 9 with a friend and the miles went quick.  A Saturday am long run just feels right to me for many reasons.  I still had time to get some necessary weekend errands done, I finally got that laurel stump out of the back yard and the reward is pictured.  A nice cocktail to relax with after dinner.  No need to worry about affecting that long run tomorrow.   28

Friday, September 13, 2013

Long Run Fueling

Looking forward to a long run tomorrow.  This cupcake was calling to me.  Somehow it all works out. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Track aka Dodge Ball

Back to track this evening.  The young kids' soccer teams are out in force!  This little munchkin was hanging out while big brother/sister was playing. I like the distraction of all the activity on the field. It makes the track seem smaller somehow and more friendly with community activities.

I figure if I can hit the paces i'm aiming for while dodging the stray balls, stray kids and the more annoyingly clueless parents, I'm doing good! I only yelled "track" twice at parents standing clueless in lane 1 (ie closest to the curb on the dirt as there are no lane markers on this track) and had to swerve around one mom with her dog. At least I didn't kick the dog! it was close.   26

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It's September right?

We hit 90 degrees today! It's the glory days of a late summer. However, I want to both run and get in an early morning barre3 workout. A barre3 workout in the am and a run in the evening makes for a very slow run.  Add in 90 degree heat and that would be unpleasant to say the least!  So it was a very early morning to get in a nice 3 mile recovery and then an excellent barre class.  Strength work standing on one leg really shows me that barre3 is a great tool to build strength. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A blah run?

photo capture from mapping app
Not here! Sometimes it just takes mixing up routes to keep it fun.  It's easy to get into the same routine which can get dull.  I wanted to run 7 - 8 miles this am with my coach. We've got a few favorites but the typical 8 miler route has gotten old.  It is still light towards the end of our runs now so better to use this time now to figure out some different routes before it gets so dark.  Learning new sidewalks in the dark isn't fun.  So I sat down with a mapping app and figured out a route.  Hills are fine. Even finer is if the route goes by an open bathroom at some point! 
Success this am and it was a fun route with a progression of hills.  It's a better route for first thing in the am as there are a couple busy streets which are fine early am but wouldn't be fun after work.   


Monday, September 9, 2013

Rest Day

For me yes.  I debated a weight workout or working to remove a laurel bush in the back yard.  A complete rest day seemed better after telling a successful and newly minted IronMan to take her recovery as seriously as she took her training.  I better walk the talk!  However Luigi, the neighbor cat, is a fair bit plump.  Feather toy and some romping and some growling is good for him! 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Women of Wonder 10k

Inaugural local race which replaced a national event on the same date. I like the local version better!  all women's event which I really, really enjoy!  I did one of
those things you aren't supposed to do. I used something never tried in a race before.  I tried some new shoes that I'd ordered online and never worn before except to walk around in my driveway when i got them a couple days ago.  Those are them.  The greeny/teal ones. 

and it was great! Super fun energy and it is really inspiring lining up for a women's only event. I went out at planned half marathon pace for the first loop of this two loop course.  I controlled pace well.  8:00, 7:59, 7:56.  For the second lap, i wanted to speed up realizing that 1) it was warm out (approaching 70 degrees and 80% humidity and sunny!) and 2) there is a lot of 5k walker traffic.  
Second lap:  7:48, 7:52 (the most traffic on a narrow path), 7:49.
Yeah! I wore my swirly orange Ragnar skirt and got a lot of compliments and had a blast.  It was a wonderful feeling finishing with a lot left in the tank.  The shoes worked great. 

On second loop.  Photo by Ann R.
It is very different running a race that is women only.  Lonely. There were hardly any people around the last loop and this necessitated close monitoring of my pace to maintain the drive.  It was refreshing not to have the distraction of men who don't like to be "chicked" around.  (you know,  men who do not like being passed by a women and speed up even when they should not and subsequently blow up later...) 
20th overall
3rd in AG online (although they awarded 10 year AG awards at the event) 
And saw various friends while running and afterward.  
Races have been hit or miss for me lately.  It is fun when I run well and to plan and it's a fun event.  This was definitely both!  

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Friday, September 6, 2013

It's been a good run.


My standard go-to shoe has been the Nike Pegasus since 2008!  I've always had a different trail shoe and one other shoe to run in but Nike Pegasus was the shoe I'd grab confidently for most runs.  I started with Nike Pegasus 25 and this photo is of my current version 29.

And?  it's not working!  I munch my toes on one side and I'm getting odd blisters. I lost toenails in the Dallas Marathon and realized the shoe wasn't quite right then.  I found the Brooks Launch worked but still have used this for mid-week distance runs (10-12 miles).  This will be the last pair I buy.

Sniff.  Something has changed and I don't really think it is the shoe.  I've been wanting less shoe and it's time to move along. 

It's been a very good run Pegasus! 

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Here's a view from my run commute home.  Yes pay attention to the car traffic but the foot traffic is just as inattentive.  And they are not expecting you to be moving fast on the sidewalk.  

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fight noise pollution

I've been noticing this more often when out running. It happens at races but even on day to day runs.  People are running with their music and no in-ear or earbud headphones.  They have their musical device just playing on speakers.  Really?  Stop the noise pollution!  Why do you think I want to listen to what you are listening to especially at 5:30 am when i am normally running?  Wear your earbuds! 

Are people doing this because they are trying keep awareness of what is going on around them?  If so, i have a secret.  Turn down the music just a notch.  It'll be better for your longterm hearing too.  Or try the radical idea of not running with distraction.  Hey I like my distractions too at times (I prefer audio books checked out from the library) but I also enjoy just running with my thoughts and staying connected with my running. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


It's always nice to have options when you just don't feel like running. K on roller trainer with bonus entertainment (the laptop on a chair).

Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Half 2013 or Best Laid Plans or Don't be Stupid

I've never done this popular race.  I always thought it was one that is typically too warm for me (foreshadowing). K ran it last year and it was too warm for him (more foreshadowing).  This year there were new sponsors (Overlake Medical Center Labor Day Half), a new course and a new start/finish at Marymoor Park and I had a coupon to sign up for the race.  Yes, i am a sucker! I also was not planning on racing this as I have a planned goal race at the end of the month.  I thought it would be good practice to do some miles at race pace and I wanted a supported long run.  

It was very easy getting over there and parking. There were plenty of
portopotties which was a common complaint from the previous venue. I did a warm up mile mostly because i wanted to use the real bathroom which is at the other end of the park.  And I realized it was really warm.  I'd been debating bringing my race vest (the Nathan Minimist) and finally decided i should wear it.  That was a great decision!

We started right on time and I went out at my planned easy pace (9:00 flat).  The original race plan was to run 3 miles easy, speed up to half marathon pace for 7-8 miles and then just run it in at an easy pace.  I held pace around 9 and debated it all.  It was sunny and I was warm and already looking for water by mile 2 (I kept my drinking schedule the same as the water stops at first).  Hmm.  Well I then added another mile easy and tried speeding up.  I managed a blistering 8:50 pace and then told myself not to be stupid!  It was too hot and I am never ever a good warm weather runner.  Back off and just aim for a long run pace and that will be fine.

And that's what I did and I, miraculously, was not stupid!  I drained my 20 ounces by mile 10 and started looking to aid station water to drink, dump over my head and wet my chest/arms.  The volunteers at the last aid station even offered to do the splashing of water! it helped.  I'd brought an electrolyte capsule and was glad I did.  i started hearing sirens in the area around mile 10 and had seen a couple runners looking pretty bad and tried to pretend the shivers i was feeling were nothing much as i took more water. I saw a runner down and being attended by emergency services around mile 11.  No one ever likes to see that.

I did like the course.  It is very flat for
around here and has enough turns and changes on it to keep it interesting enough.  It is pretty exposed though and the 9 am start is nice for sleeping in but not nice for a typically warm day in the area. The event was well organized with plenty of volunteers. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013


It's a holiday weekend and glorious out.  I'm supposed to rest for a half marathon tomorrow but the yard and house are calling and the weather is perfect.  So here is part of the old fence and chunks of the old cement pond. The transfer station (aka the Dump) is lovely.  780 pounds worth of debris!  Yeah, that's resting!  15