Friday, September 6, 2013

It's been a good run.


My standard go-to shoe has been the Nike Pegasus since 2008!  I've always had a different trail shoe and one other shoe to run in but Nike Pegasus was the shoe I'd grab confidently for most runs.  I started with Nike Pegasus 25 and this photo is of my current version 29.

And?  it's not working!  I munch my toes on one side and I'm getting odd blisters. I lost toenails in the Dallas Marathon and realized the shoe wasn't quite right then.  I found the Brooks Launch worked but still have used this for mid-week distance runs (10-12 miles).  This will be the last pair I buy.

Sniff.  Something has changed and I don't really think it is the shoe.  I've been wanting less shoe and it's time to move along. 

It's been a very good run Pegasus! 

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