Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fight noise pollution

I've been noticing this more often when out running. It happens at races but even on day to day runs.  People are running with their music and no in-ear or earbud headphones.  They have their musical device just playing on speakers.  Really?  Stop the noise pollution!  Why do you think I want to listen to what you are listening to especially at 5:30 am when i am normally running?  Wear your earbuds! 

Are people doing this because they are trying keep awareness of what is going on around them?  If so, i have a secret.  Turn down the music just a notch.  It'll be better for your longterm hearing too.  Or try the radical idea of not running with distraction.  Hey I like my distractions too at times (I prefer audio books checked out from the library) but I also enjoy just running with my thoughts and staying connected with my running. 

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