Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A shoe post

I've been trying out a couple new pairs of shoes lately after realizing my tried and true running shoes just weren't working for me.  These are the Nike Flyknit Lunar+ and I've run a handful of times in them. 

These have a fairly narrow fit and a rather strange tongue which could annoy me but has not so far.  I normally wear a 10 and did not believe online shoe calculators which put me into a 10.5 in this shoe.  It is a smaller shoe and i can wear a 10 but a 10.5 probably would've been better.  I've been wearing less cushioned socks to compensate. 

It's a very light shoe (just under 7 ounces) but of course i fit in my over the counter orthotics which i use to fill the arch space and provide a bit more cushioning. they are heavy.  It's a lower heel profile than my typical shoe but not that low considering some of the shoes on the market lately (ie cardboard). it has the nike cushioning which i like very much but still gives a pretty good ground feel and a smooth ride.  At $160, i will not be getting these ever at full retail price however.  I got these on clearance on a recommendation of a friend who worked at a running shoe store and thought they might work well for me.    And do you think this color is bright enough?  Yikes! 

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