Sunday, September 8, 2013

Women of Wonder 10k

Inaugural local race which replaced a national event on the same date. I like the local version better!  all women's event which I really, really enjoy!  I did one of
those things you aren't supposed to do. I used something never tried in a race before.  I tried some new shoes that I'd ordered online and never worn before except to walk around in my driveway when i got them a couple days ago.  Those are them.  The greeny/teal ones. 

and it was great! Super fun energy and it is really inspiring lining up for a women's only event. I went out at planned half marathon pace for the first loop of this two loop course.  I controlled pace well.  8:00, 7:59, 7:56.  For the second lap, i wanted to speed up realizing that 1) it was warm out (approaching 70 degrees and 80% humidity and sunny!) and 2) there is a lot of 5k walker traffic.  
Second lap:  7:48, 7:52 (the most traffic on a narrow path), 7:49.
Yeah! I wore my swirly orange Ragnar skirt and got a lot of compliments and had a blast.  It was a wonderful feeling finishing with a lot left in the tank.  The shoes worked great. 

On second loop.  Photo by Ann R.
It is very different running a race that is women only.  Lonely. There were hardly any people around the last loop and this necessitated close monitoring of my pace to maintain the drive.  It was refreshing not to have the distraction of men who don't like to be "chicked" around.  (you know,  men who do not like being passed by a women and speed up even when they should not and subsequently blow up later...) 
20th overall
3rd in AG online (although they awarded 10 year AG awards at the event) 
And saw various friends while running and afterward.  
Races have been hit or miss for me lately.  It is fun when I run well and to plan and it's a fun event.  This was definitely both!  

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