Thursday, September 19, 2013

Another convert?

Heh.  There is something fun about being a poster child for "RUNNING - you can do it! It'll make you younger looking, fit and hey, it can be fun!" I don't advertise this at work yet it somehow comes across.  A coworker who would never have considered running has been considering it.  She's 15 years younger than I am and looking for something she can do easily and just for herself.  I said, you can start with just a couple minutes of running at a time, mix this with walking intervals and start adding on more running...

She's intrigued.  I've encouraged her to aim for a 5k which I'd happily run with her at whatever pace.  They are fun and a nice goal. No, you don't need running shoes or any special gear at first.  No, not really at first.  Maybe a watch just to time a run/walk interval mix and after a month or so, yes, let's go to a local running store and get you some specific running shoes.

Warning: running is not a quick fix.  It takes time to build the cardiovascular system and the body to handle continuous running.  Its perfectly ok to walk too.  It's about you and what you need.  Sometimes you'll push yourself a bit further and harder and sometimes it's best to just keep it at an easy jog. 

She was shocked to hear that during my weekly runs with a friend that we chatted the whole time.  "You can talk?!" Yes. And it's better than the bar scene.  "You ran 8 miles before work?!" Heh.  And would happily do it again. 

Try it!

And then you can have a pleasant and relaxing run just for you whenever.  And when you finish, the full moon and sunrise over the lake calls you.  You breathe deeply and realize that it is doesn't get any better than this.  

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