Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A blah run?

photo capture from mapping app
Not here! Sometimes it just takes mixing up routes to keep it fun.  It's easy to get into the same routine which can get dull.  I wanted to run 7 - 8 miles this am with my coach. We've got a few favorites but the typical 8 miler route has gotten old.  It is still light towards the end of our runs now so better to use this time now to figure out some different routes before it gets so dark.  Learning new sidewalks in the dark isn't fun.  So I sat down with a mapping app and figured out a route.  Hills are fine. Even finer is if the route goes by an open bathroom at some point! 
Success this am and it was a fun route with a progression of hills.  It's a better route for first thing in the am as there are a couple busy streets which are fine early am but wouldn't be fun after work.   


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