Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Thanksgiving Tradition

At least around here, the Seattle marathon and half are! I don't have a lot of desire to run this race now typically having "run" the marathon in 2010 to a personal worst and run variously well at the half over the years.  I do like getting out on course and that was the case this year.  K was out for a solid long run this year and it was great fun hopping onto the course again at mile 9.

After dire predictions of rain and wind transitioning to snow later, race morning was not bad.  it was very windy through downtown according to K but more protected or with a tailwind for most of the rest of the course.  It was a warm in the low 50s and quite humid but NO rain!

I ran a couple miles with K making him stay a little faster on the last subtle and grinding uphill along Boyleston Ave E and Lakeview Blvd E. he was doing well overall.  I left K and hightailed it straight up and over Capitol Hill cutting through Volunteer Park in an effort to get back to the Interlaken section and meet another friend doing his first half marathon.  Two other friends were with him so there was no need to run with him but I did want to pop over and support his efforts.  I knew there were some connector trails and stairs which could connect to the interlaken trail but couldn't find it after charging up the hill. I asked a woman out walking her dog if she knew where it was and she pointed it out but said that it had been closed recently and she was not sure why.

Darn!  I took off back down the road to another section where I could see on the map there would be another cut down trail and got to the mile 10 mark with a couple minutes to spare.  Yay! I love it when your own two feet are enough to get you where you need!  MO finished his first half with a smile on his face and many more challenges ahead of him for this year.  Today was a great start on his journey and very inspiring.

It's been a great holiday with much to be thankful for. 

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