Sunday, December 22, 2013


It's a catch up day with the holiday crazies. Holiday crazies are fun but stressful. The tree is up, lights are up, Christmas Eve dinner is planned and I look forward to a couple days off. One more seriously busy day at work and then two days off. I can't wait.

Some of the excitement is looking forward to getting back to a more mileage running program. My miles have been fairly limited this past quarter and I'm looking to maintain the magic 40 miles per hour again coming up.  That means i need to bump up my listening entertainment for those long easy mid-week runs.

I tend not to listen to music too much as it just doesn't keep my interest for the easy runs. I rely on audio books checked out from the library and podcasts.  I don't know why i didn't think of it but I went searching for running related podcasts and found a very interesting one right off the bat.

Runner Academy had an interesting discussion on injuries, body mechanics and some other topics. After the very successful race yesterday, I'm just a touch sore in the typical areas for me with speed work: quads and oblique abs. It made the barre class i took today a bit challenging but that is fine. A big takeway from the podcast (out of many!)?  "The only reason the body changes and adapts is that we stress the body." Enjoy those holiday crazies and race hard and take the rest when you need it. It reminds me that I am probably not working hard enough for certain workouts. 

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