Monday, December 16, 2013

Gimpy McGimpersons

No really, it's not that bad. I'm feeling much better today. After a long trail run, i can often be sore in my upper shoulders, upper back, biceps and of course the legs and all the hip stabilizing muscles.  And it's not a bad sore. I'm just aware of it and am happy to keep it easy.

Today I feel much better overall except my calves!  Where they cramped up during the race, they ended up tightening up so much overnight while I was sleeping that i could barely stand up this morning. 

So much for the idea of running a few miles. A little bit of gimping around and they loosened up enough so i could at least walk/shuffle my way to the bus stop. They'd loosen up enough so i could walk normally but as soon as i was sitting for any time, i'd have to hobble about again.  Grade 1 Calf Strain probably.  I'll be taking it easy this week anyway but hope to run a bit tomorrow. Only the calf knows. 

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