Saturday, January 25, 2014


Seattle is all about the 12th Man right now. Seahawk fever has risen to an all time high.  I'm enjoying it as much as anyone although I don't watch football. It's always nice to see the hometown team doing well.

12? For me, 12 days is that magic time where de-training (ie not running or working out) hits that steep decline.  Blood volume has already been lost. It's been 2 weeks but more like 2.5 weeks since i had a harder workout. I know it'll come back faster having been well trained but since I do not know how long i will be off of running, it is making it harder to stay motivated to cross train.

Run fail today. I didn't make it two blocks and the knee is too sore to run on it. No idea what is the problem, what the fix is nor when it is likely to be better. The uncertainty is the worst. I hope the fix is just more time off but who knows? 


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