Sunday, January 19, 2014

I can't remember

And that is a good thing. I cannot remember the last time i was in a pool because I could not run. I'd tossed out my exercise swimsuit last year as the elastic was gone. The float belt still works and I got a swim suit after an invite from a friend to go pool run. The doc was really pushing this activity.  And? It wasn't horrible only because it was fun to chat with the friend. the knee protested the movement at first and then it felt better. After twenty minutes I was getting twinges and so i swam (with a pull buoy) for 10 minutes until my ears were filled water. Done! Movement was good.  And the flats I'd bought in San Diego were even better so I didn't feel the need to wear heels with my opera outfit.  Why tempt fate with the knee? 

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