Monday, January 27, 2014

Reason #87

Year 6?
Why I hate not running: losing race entry fees that I have paid for in advance.  You have to sign up for events in advance because many events sell out.  This is just a part of running and racing in general and it doesn't have to involve injury. Sometimes your training doesn't go as you had planned and it is smarter to skip a event you'd planned to race. Sometimes the weather is horrible (too hot or too cold) and it's better to skip.  sometimes you oversleep or life just happens. 

With this round of injury, i will miss the rest of the 2 mile race series.  I've signed up for a half marathon at the end of April. I'm probably going to miss that one but it's not something to worry about right now.  Ragnar Northwest Passage is not until mid-July.  As team captain, I signed up for this 2014 race about a month after 2013's event because it was the best pricing and I know with or without me, this race will go on.  that's the nice thing about relays.  I've been delaying starting team building because it has been hard to think about running but I sent out the first email today and was happy to hear from a number of people are are all set for this year's event.  I plan to be there. 

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