Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Onto 2014!

All ready to volunteer! Bring on the runners.
Happy New Year! With no snow and staying in-town, I went to volunteer at my favorite race NOT to participate in as a runner.  The Resolution Run 5k with optional Polar Bear Dip into Lake Washington is a really fun race but I don't need to go jump in the lake again in the winter uh ever again!  It is fun to volunteer though when i have the time and I was kept hopping by doing clothing check. I got up early to get in my 8 miles before the event and then spent the next couple hours in a very busy pace.

2013 was a good year for a lot of reasons.

Family and friends continue to be in good health although there have been some challenges to this.  Work continues to evolve and keeps me interested. I'm excited about the work we've started in the back yard with finally getting to some basic landscaping. The front and side yards will need some work this summer but overall, it's looking good.  With the time off that K had over the holidays, we got the basement tidied up but that, of course, is a work in progress and will probably require a run to the dump.

Running?  I set a 5k PR this year which still delights me. I ran a solid marathon. I ran 6 half marathons, two of them were on trails (and one of those was actually 14 miles instead of a half marathon).  I had a solid half marathon time for where i was in training.  The Deception Pass 25k was a great way to end the running year and as usual, the short 2 mile series is proving to be a lot of fun.

Total Miles: 1775
Total miles per week: 34

This is a bit less than my high from last year but only by 35 miles. I had planned down time but no injuries besides a random tweak here or there.

Biking?  Just 280 miles and most of that during the summer when it was nice and K was working towards some biking goals.

Strength? I have been fairly regularly enjoying a weekly barre class and plan to keep that up in the new year. After the switch to a new phone and new operating system, i've re-established the strength training plan i like and will pick that back up in the new year. I've come to realize that I do really like the way regular strength training makes me feel and not just when running. 

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