Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Struggle

I was so tired today.  I didn't have any trouble getting up at my normal time to go run (4:50 am) adn i was ready to go but I just didn't feel like running. I was not sore from the race but yes, i could feel the effort and combined with a busy day at work plus monthly tired meant i was whiny about going to go run 5 miles very easily.

I promised myself I would only have to run three and then i could go home and stretch well and do some other exercises if I really didn't want to run 5 miles.  It was just a gorgeous morning and I got greeted by some friends out for a morning walk. I was deep into my audio book and towards the end and barely recognized them! I finished the 3 mile loop and realized i was close to finishing the audio book and it was still really early.  so i ran a half mile out and turned around and came back.  And i still had some minutes on the book and I was really feeling just fine. I'd needed to slow myself down actually so I kept to a true recovery pace.  OK. One more mile and before I knew it, I'd snuck in my 5 miles.

The reward? If I was still really tired during the day, I'd be able to sit on the couch instead of working in the yard. Dinner was leftovers although I needed to cook some potatoes. I compromised and cooked the potatoes while working in the yard.  Ahhhh.  That couch felt great as did getting in my workout one mile at a time. 

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