Saturday, May 10, 2014

Playing Hooky Day 2!

This was a true day off from work. Why? I had a physical therapy appointment in the morning but north of where we live. By the time I was going to get into work, it would've been late morning. It's been a busy week, i have a lot of vacation time saved up and I'd done a great job getting things done at work.  Woohoo! Day off!

So a nice morning run after sleeping in a bit. These Golden Chain Trees are in full bloom around here. There were a number of them blooming in the Arboretum and they really are a spectacularly beautiful tree.  However, I did not know this but parts of the tree including the seeds (which develop from these flowers) are poisonous. 

The PT appointment was excellent. I've been having some residual issues from the broken knee cap. PT guy was able to do his magic and convince various body parts they could really relax now as the knee is working just fine, thanks! 

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