Sunday, May 4, 2014

Do I have to?

South Fork Snoqualmie River @ Snoqualmie Valley Trail
After such a gloriously sunny and warm week, the rains returned this weekend. And then some. The group run was out on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail which over the years has become my least favorite trail. Sure it's beautiful. Sure it's fully protected from cars except for some street crossing. But it is fairly dull and really straight in some places plus has a packed gravel surface. That surface has been bothersome for my hip in the past and i've just avoided it.  Well silly me has signed up for a race on that surface and so, i need to get back on it.  

And I had a great run and felt good after the half marathon of last week. It helped that as soon as we got in the car to drive back home, it started pouring. We'd managed to avoid all the rain. I'd hoped to get back out into the garden this weekend. Nope. Too wet!

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