Thursday, May 8, 2014

Playing hooky!

Well not really. The goal this summer is to get some trail runs in mid-week. I run best early morning and it is light very early now in the morning. I have a willing friend so we went off very early to get in a longer mid-week run. She then drops me off at work on the way home and i can shower in the new gym at work. I am a little late to work but that works just fine for summer and I clear it with my coworkers (it is also easier for me to be a little late than to leave early).

This mid-week trail break is like a mini-vacation and super fun. Trails today? Yes and no! We were finalizing the next stair run which also loops through trails in Interurban Park, Volunteer Park and the Arboretum. I'd wanted to add on a new little loop (to add miles) and we did find a closed stairway! Surprise!
E McGraw St Stairs at 19th Ave E - one big step!

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