Saturday, May 17, 2014

Keep Running FUN!

And I certainly do. that's why I enjoy trail running, run commuting, workouts where I am trying to hit certain paces and challenge me and general training with goal races.  It is fun. I've been doing a  lot of weeding in the yard each evening after work. This guy makes me crazy. What is he doing?

I think he is warming up and doing some general aerobic running before doing some training for some other specific sport (boxing, i think). And how does he do this running? Back and forth along our street for about 20-30 minute each evening.  AAAAAAHHHHH! 

It's the antithesis of fun. I want to tell him, why don't you run the 1 mile to the new Maple Leaf Reservoir Park, do one lap and enjoy all the neighborhood and community activity and come back. It'll be the same distance and be so much more enjoyable.  I guess that is not the objective.

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