Saturday, May 24, 2014

Another Stair Challenge

Stairs in the Volunteer Park Water Tower
Finally. After lots of planning and running this course twice, I ran and marked this course which roams through various stairs and trails in the Montlake, Eastlake and Capitol Hill areas of Seattle.  It's a really challenging course and the full loop is 11 miles long. I, of course, did a really good barre class yesterday and was aware my legs and glutes and abs and and and were tired from that AND i have a goal race in a week.  I was prudent and stopped at 9 miles especially once i realized I had run out of water.  yes, it was humid.  
And yes gardens and the arboretum were just beautiful. Everything seemed to be blooming! I've not had a chance to run all that much through the Seattle Arboretum (aka Washington Park Arboretum) and this morning we were able to find some completely different trails (and stairs) with the help of the maps they have posted in the grounds.  This map is different than the map that is posted online and it has stairs marked! 

Arboretum Map posted in the park. 

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