Sunday, May 11, 2014

Feeling Un-blerch-like

10 Miles at the group run. 5 easy chatting with someone I'd not seen for quite a while. It didn't feel all that easy but I blame hills. My goal was to speed up then and work on half marathon pace for 5 miles.  It was work but felt very doable and I was pretty happy with how this workout felt.  Then? Then the creator of the comic The Oatmeal is having the occasional random training runs around Green Lake for his upcoming Beat the Blerch race. A 2:00 pm run time? Um. Ok. Why not!

I went and met the Oatmeal and ran a not so easy 3 miles. Oops. Nice guy. Not so blerch like, but then I didn't expect that. It was great to see the total mix of new to experience runners. 

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