Monday, May 26, 2014

Spring Sunday Rest

The foxgloves are in full bloom right now and I did spend some time weeding, of course.  It was nice having a relaxing long weekend. Next weekend is a goal half marathon. My goals had changed from the original goal earlier this year. I still think I'll pull out a solid half marathon time even with the 8 weeks off of running because of the broken kneecap.  Then marathon training (and vacation) come pretty soon.  

Taking this Sunday completely as a rest day was also a test of the marathon training plan I'm going to use.  And? I don't like it! Cross training is encouraged on the training plan and I would not mind having the time on a sunday to go cycling.  It completely limits when i could trail run.  I really like a short easy trail run after a long run. When training gets heavy though,  I really do need a complete rest day.  I will need to think about changing around the plan but won't get a good feel for that until i start it.  Meanwhile, York firmly believes in rest days preferably with sun. 

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