Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wettest March on record

Wildside Trail
And how did I celebrate this? I went and ran 8 miles on trails for the first time since early january and that freaking fall on cement.  I was nervous about this run but so looking forward to a return to trails. Everything is feeling good but trail running adds in a couple different layers to just running. 

You tend to have a lot more side to side motion when trail running on technical, rocky or muddy trails. This is a great thing for my hips and upper body. The extra movement almost feels like a good stretch for me and I know my hips/tight hamstrings will feel better from this. There are more hills than a regular road run and of a different variety. The trail tends to have sections which go up and down over a very short sections and not to mention longer climbs. Considering that I typically only feel the knee now when walking up hills, I figured this was a good reason to make sure i was running with proper form (albeit very slowly). 
The best news is that the knee felt good. I am pretty sure i am favoring that leg a bit as I am a bit distrustful of it but I've maintained good strength while biking so I'm sure it is just a matter of getting back out there.

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