Tuesday, March 4, 2014

An opportunity.

The last time i was off running for an extended period of time, I was recovering from a stress fracture. I used the time when I came back to running to change from a stability shoe with a custom hard orthotic to a neutral shoe with an over the counter soft orthotic. over the past year, I've been realizing that i would like to run in a lighter shoe and possibly ditch my chosen over the counter orthotic.

Why? Less shoe has felt better. Sometimes the orthotic is too much even with a neutral shoe. The orthotic often can change the fit of a shoe and not in a good way.  And, my chosen over the counter orthotic which has been the same for the past five years is now changing. I do not like the change. So I will either need to find something else or ditch it. I am choosing to try ditching it.

It means relearning which shoes will work and scrambling about to find the shoe insert which came with the actual shoe. 

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