Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Hope

I'm feeling pretty good about the restart with running. I had a massage yesterday which was the first one I'd had in years. Really, i hadn't felt that i needed one. What changed? Dealing with the knee injury caused serious mobility issues for weeks. At first I couldn't really bend the knee and thus could not take calf, hamstring and butt muscles through the full range of motion. That immobilization plus maybe just the jarring from falling felt like something was just very off in my upper hamstring area.  I think I'd been having some very mild tightness before I fell but it was quite a shock to go out running at first and realize i could barely extend my leg properly. A good massage therapist can restore range of motion and this one was able to check some hip alignment issues.  Yay! There is hope. 

And it's been sunny and almost 60 degrees. I got out into the garden to weed and turn over the soil a bit. And it's time to sow some cool weather crops.  I've not had a lot of success with spinach. it seems to bolt as soon as it gets even a little bit warmer here but that's all right. it's fun and easy to grow the baby spinach. 

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