Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Blerch

You know The Oatmeal, right? And specifically, you've read The most terrible and wonderful reasons why i run long distances, right? Matt Inman who writes and draws and codes The Oatmeal is a trail runner. He wanted to organize a trail race. He's a friend of a friend so i was hearing about this process while, HA, out running trails.  And he did it.  He organized a race. Yes, it's on trails (but not technically by my standards) and did include a marathon which i believe was one of his goals.  He also is including cake, nutella and purple drink.  Read the comic! I completely and totally understand the sense of peace and relaxation with JUST running.

Ok, this race is on a trail (flat and graveled) i really hate. BUT. It's at a good time of year for me and sounds like it will be really, really, REALLY fun. At 8:59 I refreshed my browser to register for the race. Nope. It was not yet 9:00 AM when registration would open and i got the wait screen. I hit the refresh button again and launched into crabby, slow, grinding browser angst. Seriously trying to get into this race was WAY more stressful than any race I have run. The race sold out in about 30 minutes. In 29 minutes, i had finished registration.


(Day 220)

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