Friday, March 7, 2014

The tell tale sign

I woke up with one foot feeling tight at my heel.  uh oh. If you've never had plantar fasciitis, this is the classic sign. Danger! Danger! This required immediate attention because having a flare up of PF can be debilitating for both running and for general comfort at work where I am on my feet a lot during the work day.  I dealt with PF for about a year a number years ago. Oddly enough the PF was caused by not running. What worked for me?

the massage spot for my foot (where thumb is)
Stretching feet by kneeling with feet tucked under me.
Heating the area and then massaging areas on foot using both thumb and elbow.
Rolling out with a tennis ball.
Using the stick to loosen tight calves especially the deeper calf muscle (soleus). A deep squat can also help loosen calves and I can actually do that now with the problem knee. 

I noticed tight calves immediately after I started the return to running.  Yes, i've been running without the orthotic which supports my very high arches in my running shoes. Some of that is definitely causing tighter calf muscles but some of it is just a return to running after the no running period.  No Plantar Fasciitis allowed!  (Day 201)

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