Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Kale and cabbage chop salad

This is my new favorite easy recipe using all those healthy things you'd love to incorporate into your diet more. The best part of this recipe is that it is endlessly variable depending on the salad ingredients and the dressing. Oh wait, there is another best part. Preparing the veggies this way means they keep in the fridge for a couple days and the dressing keeps for a week or two. 
I also usually having all these ingredients in the house or garden. I keep cabbage around for another favorite recipe and we usually have kale growing in the yard. Brussels sprouts are towards the end of their season here (mostly from CA) but that is ok as i think i prefer the cabbage and kale in this recipe more. I add some fresh chopped (non massaged - read the recipe) celery and red sweet pepper as favorite additional veggies and top with whatever nuts i have around. Or I skip the nuts if i am having this as a side salad to something with adequate protein and fat.  Tasty! 

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