Monday, April 14, 2014

Cute shoes!

Definitely NOT these.What are these shoes? These are the shoes I wore at work for a number of years. They have a rocker sole which helped ease pressure when I was having a lot of problems with plantar fasciitis and bursitis in my feet. Hideous aren't they? But they worked to ease foot pain at work and I've not been able to quite get rid of them. they do live at work. I've been in a basic black oxford type shoe with an added arch filler for some years now. Boring!

I'm finally to the point where i think i can wear cute shoes at work and found the perfect pair which have a slight heel, and cushioned with the all important lace up. It was pretty exciting to put on cute shoes once i got to work and i did add the higher arched cushion insert to one shoe. Yes one shoe. I got distracted halfway through changing shoes. And halfway through the work day i started to think the left and right felt differently and then my low back on side started to bug me.  Once I realized what was wrong, i added insert to the right shoe and low back pain magically disappeared. Yes, something that mild can make a difference! It's always good to realize what day to day things can affect running. (Day 240)

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