Sunday, April 20, 2014

Still Laughing out Loud

Hidden Stairs
The next stair run is planned and today was the day to figure out the course. and it was even more fun that I was expecting! yes, i did chortle to myself at times as I just could not believe some of the cool hidden areas in Seattle.  Of course i got lost a bit, had to back track a bit and now have found some maps for some of the more confusing areas. That only means that i cannot wait to go back!

Interlaken Trail
My legs were pretty tired after a faster trail run late last week, an OUTSIDE bike ride with hills and plenty of gardening/yardwork. The first few miles of this course are really tough and I doubted I'd be able to finish the loop in time to get back home to shower and to head off to Easter Brunch.  The running got easier though and once through the more confusing parks, I made better time. 
The last couple miles follow the well known Seattle marathon course and so inspired, I picked up the last mile to half marathon pace just to prove i could.  That Easter Brunch hit the spot! 

Water Tower

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