Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Who else does this?

When all of a sudden you realize all your socks are threadbare or too old or have holes in them?  This has happened to me. I don't actually tend to get holes in my socks. maybe it would be better if I did because then I'd throw them out earlier.  No they tend to get threadbare for me and feel slippery when I wear them in my running shoes.   I tend to need more thickly cushioned shoes as my feet are narrow. As socks get older, they lose that cushioning which seems to affect fit. I clench my toes and keep stopping to retie my shoes as they don't feel right. 

Mini crew with cushioning. I can't do those thinner socks and at this time of year those no-show or micro mini crew socks leave my ankles cold!  I prefer gray or black socks as they don't show the trail running mud so much.  The pair on the right below are new (Smartwool Phd Outdoor Light Mini).  I hope they will work for me as I'm going to wear them for 12 miles on trails.  I do plan on bringing along another pair I can change into just in case.  Is it cliche to actually look forward to new socks for Christmas? 

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