Sunday, November 10, 2013

Random Forest Scenes

It's Sunday so that means, yes, trails. I'm a month out from a goal trail race and need both miles and trail miles. If i can run trails on tired legs, even better!  Extra bonus? Having a couple friends around who are training for the same race!  
We headed out to St. Edwards State Park for 8+ miles. Turns out this is GVB's stomping grounds so he knows the trails very well.  It was nice not to have to worry about navigation.  I'm a little more familiar with these trails but it all looks different since i last ran here in the summer.  

Tree vomit aka slime mold
There were a fair number of other runners plus walkers plus a few mountain bikers out this morning. It's always nice to see the trails being used.  
What stopped me in my tracks? We were along the South Ridge trail and came across what looked like tree vomit.  WEIRD!  Slime molds in action is my best guess.  Wet and decaying materials equals lots of interesting things in the forest. 

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