Sunday, November 24, 2013

Glorious Sun!

Plans for the day include a barre class just before lunch.  I want to run a few miles maybe throwing in some faster stuff.  Hey!  Why not wait until it's above freezing and run to the class?  And then it'll be warmer and that glorious sun is up.  Instead of the steady slog I've been running all week, it was a sprightly fun workout.  I forget how hard it is to run faster right now.  It's very cold in the morning and the sidewalks can be a bit treacherous in the dark.  I forget this and think I just run really slowly.  Nope.  I am running very easily because it is just safer to run slower.  And it's important to get in the faster workouts when i can.

It was a very short workout because i had to be finished in time to get to the class and because I have a 5k on Thanksgiving.  It was just enough to remind the legs that they can move fast. And as bonus, I got to strip off all my layers at I warmed up. 

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