Tuesday, November 12, 2013

More baked rice ball

Why yes, i do have a long trail race this coming weekend.  So I made more baked rice balls this weekend to sample on the run. the peach coconut rice ball just tasted like sweet rice.  Nothing wrong with that but not really much flavor. Pumpkin curry is a huge win!  Very, very tasty.  And because I am pretty lazy when it comes to making perfectly sized little balls of rice, i had a brain wave and got out the trusty ice cream scoop. We use these for cookie dough too so have a couple different sizes.  The top one pictured is a typical ice cream scoop. the lower two are used for cookie dough.  So much easier!  
It's still be a bit challenging to wrap. I've been using just plastic wrap twisted but in my pack, they come untwisted and pop out.  I'll try a bit of tape over the twist this weekend for the run.  

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xsfgirl said...

i can't wait for mark to try making his rice balls.