Thursday, November 14, 2013

Shameless begging

But I earned it!  The Age group award beer mugs for Snohomish River Run. I was standing right there listening to the awards thinking i had a chance. I was waiting for a friend to finish and eating and it was impossible to hear.  I never heard my name.  Oh well.  I was surprised to find out once results were released later in the day that i was 3rd in AG.  Cool beans! And that was just fine.  But then the race posted photos of the AG winners and all had beer mugs when I'd thought they'd probably only given them out to 1st in AG.  I ended up 2nd after results were finalized.  I wanted mine. I earned it, remember.  I contacted the race director and kindly asked it to be sent out. Please, please, please! I did provide shipping label but they were nice enough to package and drop it off.   


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