Friday, November 15, 2013


view of pack from the back
I've been eying a possible new running pack, an UltrAspire Alpha, and just decided to try it once i saw it marked down. I want to wear it for a long trail race tomorrow but thought I should try it out for at least a short run.  So for a 2.5 mile shakeout neighborhood run, i donned the pack with water on board.  And? I chose a small based on chest size and still had trouble getting it tight enough. It wouldn't stay tight either. The buckles seem to slip a bit so I"ll try tying them off.  The bite valve of the water bladder is different than I"m used it.  You have to close it or water goes spraying out. Better to learn this on a neighborhood run when i don't need water! 
Hook closure and very long straps.
What did I like? It's very light overall but has plenty of pocket space.  This is an issue with my current packs. They have front pockets but it is hard to get things into them especially my phone. This pack even features pockets along the side and back which i can access while running.  This is not possible in my other pack.  I do think i'll also like where those front pockets are situated. Since I have to cinch the straps up tight, the pockets end up more centered over my chest.  When running, i have a pretty tight arm swing and sometimes am annoyed by my wrist or forearm brushing against the bulging pockets.
So off to try it for 13 trail miles tomorrow. I'm not racing it per se but I do want to aim for a harder effort than just easy long run. AND i need to be at the airport in the early afternoon to meet a friend. Did I mention the wind is howling and snow levels are dropping? 

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