Friday, July 11, 2014

The Northwest (of Ireland)

Grianan of Aileach Ring Fort
The next day we had a more leisurely schedule. K and I went for a run along the trails of the River Foyle in Derry again and then we were headed to our next hotel just two hours south. We were traveling in the northwest of Ireland and it was funny to see references to that. It seemed quite familiar!

We did stop at a couple of very interesting sites along the way. The ring fort pictures above was very dramatically perched on the hills above a beautiful valley. It was great fun climbing all over the ring fort and taking in the views. 

We next went to the Newmills Corn and Flax Mill historical technological site where it felt like we got a private tour from a very knowledgeable and dedicated tour guide. It was a very peaceful setting and a huge watermill which was still in use (and owned by the same family) up until the early 80s. Corn refers to grains in Ireland and none of us knew anything about the production of flax for linen. It was fascinating!

We made it to our next stop with plenty of time for me to ask the front desk about running loops. They gave me a map and said the loop was about a 5k. I had about an hour before dinner so I hurried and ran the 3.6 miles fast and had a blast. 
Newmills Corn and Flax Mill: a

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