Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ragnar - the prep day!

It's here! Rangar is tomorrow! I wasn't sure how the big vacation and then Ragnar less than two weeks later was going to work. It helps that this is the 4th time i'll be captaining this team and am going into the run portion with the idea of getting a solid workout in instead of going for time. Still. I woke this morning AWAKE and ready to get it all done. I'd left more things to do today (day off from work) than i usually would have but I'm sure it'll be fine.  

Most importantly, I went out to breakfast with my mom and cooked another interesting rice bar to try at the relay. The breakfast was a cherry oat pancake with a nice berry additions from the berry bar. Yes, the berry bar. Yum. The pancake was tart and very tasty. 

the rice bar is a food zone portable of sushi rice, egg, bacon, almond butter, almonds, chopped dried apricot with just  a hint of dried ground ginger. I'm looking forward to trying it as it is not sweet. Generally there are too many options for sweets at an event like Ragnar and i am always craving the salty. yay for bacon! The original recipe is a bacon cashew rice bar but i was out of cashews and i thought the ginger would be a nice addition. it calls for raisins but since i'm not a fan, dried apricots will do. 

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