Thursday, July 24, 2014


Hey! Good photos that are free! Thanks Ragnar! It's not often that you can get a group of people really happy about wearing orange. Success!
Updated: I'd wanted a record of what I ate this Ragnar. I never had a gel and never felt underfueled or too hungry at any time. That was a success!

Thursday AM: I had a really big breakfast out with sour cherry oat pancakes, berries and eggs. Seriously I was stuffed all day long. Lunch was a lentil/bulger curry with spinach and some fruit. Dinner was chicken parmesean with pasta and steamed broccoli with a smaller than usual portion of pasta as I was still full from breakfast!

Friday AM: my usual oatmeal with a dollop of peanut butter and a mushed banana. I was hungry when we were about to load the second van around 10:30 so had an english muffin. Lunch was half a turkey 12 inch sub from Subway as usual from when we got to Bellingham High School and some blueberries.

My first run was 3 pm and it was hot! I finished and immediately had a shelf stable low fat chocolate milk and a lot of water with an added nuun tablet. I had some cherries and "dinner" around 5 pm when Van 2 was still out running. This was the usual pasta and chicken cold salad with added kalamata olives and feta. It's dressed with lemon juice, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. I do add some blanched green beans. I use less olive oil than I would if this were a side for dinner. Portion was say 1.5 cups. I kept chugging water because i was thirsty!

We made it to our rest area and I had a couple cookies (oreos) and a banana and tried to sleep. No luck with that but it was nice to stretch out and rest. Once we got the call that they'd be coming in, i had a cup of coffee and added via to it. I had a pancake (i brought mine) too.

My second run was at 2 am and I was able to use the bathroom at that point. The added fiber from fruit etc helps move things along quickly for me! I had a great run and immediately had more chocolate milk and more water with nuun. I had more pasta chicken about an hour later and immediately I was very sleepy. I arranged to try and rest a bit in the back of the van while our last runner was out on course. I could actually almost sleep at that point which works because then i'm more awake at that larger exchange waiting for Van 1 to come in (I also restocked the teams water supplies just in case).

We went to our next rest area and everyone scattered to try and sleep. I got the van and was able to almost sleep for an hour or so. It was probably around 7 am when i went to have breakfast that you can buy at the Coupeville High School. It's coffee, oj, pancakes, eggs and bacon. I couldn't finish the eggs (because they are nasty) but had another cup of coffee. Most everyone was spending a lot of time in the bathrooms and porto potties and i was not an exception. As someone put it, it's a lot of food for your system to process!

About an hour before our van was to start running again, i had a couple more pancakes and a packet of sweetened almond butter. My last run was around noon. I had one last chocolate milk and pounded water again. At that point, i lost all interest in eating much more but had some random things that were in the van: cookies, cherries, more pancakes and lots and lots of water.

it worked though. i ran well with no distress and felt like i recovered well! 

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