Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ragnar Northwest Passage - In the Van!

The team changed and changed and changed once more as I went through runner recruiting this year. Last year, I had 12 runners commit, sign up and race early in the year. And even though I always expect runners to drop, no one did. This year was completely the opposite and I lost many runners due to injury and even had two drop within the last few weeks. Fortunately, some last minute cajoling and runner shuffling meant we got to the start line with a full crew. I contemplated running the relay with 11 members and splitting the missing runner's legs with a fellow van mate as a last resort.

The shift in runners had changed the speed of our group however so were slower overall than we've been before. No biggie but it changes times for start time, finish time and more importantly getting the rental vans back to the car.  Here is my ragnar vacation starting with smiling, fresh smelling friends. It ended up being a great group this year plus some fine running.

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