Thursday, July 17, 2014

Onto Dublin

Kilbeggan Distillery tasting
 We had an easy drive to Dublin from Galway. This was mostly larger highway with a few tolls and not a lot of traffic until we hit Dublin.

Georgian Doors
Dublin was exciting after the quiet villages we'd been in. It was packed full of tourists yet was still enjoyable. We utilized the handy hop on/hop off tourist buses which take set routes through the city and give you commentary. This gives you a chance to rest your feet and also see areas that you might not see otherwise. There are two competing lines and they seem indistinguishable to me. I did prefer to hop on buses which had live commentary and that was noted on the front of the bus. Sometimes the drivers would break out with comments on drivers around them which was pretty entertaining!

I'm guessing the biggest tourist attraction/trap in Dublin is the Guiness Storehouse. It was a zoo and felt a bit like an amusement park ride/attraction. There was even a waterfall! The beer was tasty of course and the views from the top floor bar couldn't be beat but there were just too many people!

This is the last blog on our Ireland vacation. I feel like I've covered maybe a tenth of what we did and saw. I feel the same way about our visit to Ireland. We saw so much yet it was only a little bit of what I'd want to see. Dublin, in particualr, would be a wonderful city to go back to in the off tourist season. We will have to go back!

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