Friday, July 25, 2014

Calories in.

No, I don't always get all the calories in with an extra cocktail. I had extra bananas from the relay and made banana bread so i could have an extra snack at work. Tuesday I ran just over 14 miles split between two runs. I'd brought extra snacks and had them. I've not been counting calories lately but decided to tally up what I'd eaten versus what I'd burned running. The results were telling. I was about a thousand calories short! I know I'll tend to eat more on those easier days but still that it a very big deficit. I'm feeling great right now and know that for higher mileage to be sustainable, I have to fuel for it.  It was a good reminder. 

Meanwhile the evening out with friends who were visiting from out of state was really fun and I had no qualms about having a hearty dinner.

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